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Folia Medica Indonesiana (FMI) is the medical journal of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia. The first volume of the journal was released in 1964 under the title of "Berita Research Kedokteran Surabaja". At the end of 1960s, the journal changed its name into "Madjalah Kedokteran Surabaja", which then in 1970s the spelling was adjusted to become "Majalah Kedokteran Surabaya", and in the mid of 1997 the journal again changed its name into the current "Folia Medica Indonesiana" (FMI).

Folia Medica Indonesiana founding by a freshly graduated medical doctor who became a lecturer at the Department of Physiology, R Soedarso Djojonegoro MD, met the Dean, Professor M Zaman, MD, to suggest the necessity of Airlangga University Medical School to publish medical journal, a suggestion that was finally approved by the Dean.

Folia Medica Indonesiana have mission and vision to development a medicine journal. Mission is publishing qualified original basic and clinical articles presented as research articles and review articles. Vision is qualified,credible, easily accessibly and internationally-stnadardized peer-reviewed medical journal

Folia Medica Indonesiana publishes articles in whole aspects of medical sciences, including pre-clinical medicines such as biomedicine, anatomy, histology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, parasitology, pathology, and pharmacology; clinical medicines, such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, ophthalmology, surgery, neurology, otholaryngology, cardiology, anaesthesiology; as well as rehabilitative medicine, public health, and preventive medicine. The articles are presented as original article, case reports and literature review.

Folia Medica Indonesiana is published four times a year in March, June, September and December. Each issue publishes thirteen articles or fifty-two articles in each calender year. The content of the journal can be acessed openly, making the articles freely available to endorse global exchange of knowledge. Folia Medica Indonesiana has been accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia, and has also been indexed in several reputable indexing institutions, such as ProQuestCrossrefASEAN Citation Index, and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).


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  A new issue has been published. We proundly present Vol. 59 No. 1 March 2023. Please kindly access our issue on https://e-journal.unair.ac...